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Disable wireless

Not using wireless?

If you are not using wireless access, eircom recommends that you disable the wireless feature on your modem as follows.

If you have Microsoft Windows 98SE or higher please use this wizard to help update the WEP Security key on your Broadband connection. Otherwise, please follow these steps: If you do not already have the Netopia page displayed, open your browser (eg. Internet Explorer or Firefox). In the address bar, type in and click Go or press Enter on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can click here to open this address in a new window.

Once at the Netopia page:

  • Click on 3D Wireless in the left menu.

  • Uncheck the Enable Wireless box on the screen

  • Click Save Changes.

You will be asked to restart the modem.

  • Click Yes.

The modem will take about two minutes to restart.